The moving plan

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Moving house can be one of life’s most stressful events. “Where do I start” and “where will I find the time” are common cries. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

You may be wanting to move from your family home to something a little smaller and more manageable, or up-sizing as your family grows, moving to a new job or needing to find a new home due to ill-health – whatever your reason it will take up a good deal of your time and energy.

IFTailormade Relocation can take the strain by managing the move for you. We’ll visit you to discuss how we can be of most help – and together come up with a moving plan tailored to your particular needs.

BEFORE YOU MOVE The secret to a relaxed, smoothly organised move is all in the planning.

Our pre-move planning stage is the first step in understanding your particular moving needs. Working with you we will draw up a tailormade plan that will provide you with the following guidance:

  • detailed assessment of your move requirements
  • advice on de-cluttering
  • discuss how best to dispose of any unwanted items
  • advice on house doctoring (if required)
  • advice on arrangements for the move, including sourcing a removal firm
  • storage options
  • checklist for the removals day
  • checklist for changes of address
  • change of address letters ready for you to sign and send off
  • your own 6-8 week moving schedule
  • a prioritised “To Do” checklist

DE-CLUTTERING Friendly help and advice to help you determine what to keep and what to sell, give to charity, recycle or send for disposal. Practical help to sell or dispose of unwanted items.

MOVING DAY So often a stressful day as so much of it is out of your hands – waiting for phone calls from the solicitor and estate agent(s); direction of the removal men and cleaning up behind them ready for the new owners. The logistics of moving day generally run as follows:

At home:

  • ensure space available for removal van
  • arrival and direction of removal men
  • as filled, mark up where the boxes are to go in new house
  • keep everyone happy with refreshments at regular intervals
  • ensure final meter readings are taken
  • vacuum each room as emptied
  • clean bathrooms & loos
  • clean kitchen, including inside all cupboards
  • eat to keep up your strength!
  • leave spare keys, appliance manuals and any other info in kitchen
  • check all the rooms, collect ‘Essentials Box’
  • deliver/hand over keys to estate agent
  • drive to your new home.

At new home – the same day:

  • direct removal men with room plan to hand
  • Champagne in fridge for later – courtesy of Tailormade Moves
  • from ‘Essentials Box’ make everyone a cup of tea
  • start to unpack – to give as many boxes to removal men to take away
  • start to store away
  • make essential beds
  • put up essential curtains
  • wave off the removal men
  • open the Champagne, sit down and enjoy!

Settling-in – the following day:

  • complete the unpacking as far as possible
  • store away linen and clothes
  • store away food, crockery etc.
  • arrange furniture
  • put up rest of curtains, where possible
  • make rest of beds
  • flatten all boxes and arrange for removal firm to collect.

Remember, we’re there to ease the stress of the journey from one home to the next. We take as little or as much of the workload off your shoulders as you need.  We can manage the whole process, leaving you to arrive at your new home to find everything in place and a bottle of chilled champagne in the fridge – courtesy of Tailormade Relocation. Or we can ‘just’ provide an extra pair of hands. Whatever your moving needs, give us a call to see how we can help.

Call Sara on 01225 868692 or 07968 213510 today!

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