Project management

Once you’ve found a new home, and if timing and circumstances allow, you may decide you’d like work done to the property before you move in. Much easier to knock a couple of walls down, install a new kitchen or put in new heating before your furniture arrives! Sorting out all the trades, however, can be a nightmare if you’re miles away or too busy to cope. Precision is needed to ensure everything happens when and how expected.

We’re increasingly involved in project managing this kind of work. For a client moving to Avonpark, the 15-acre retirement village on the edge of Bath, this meant organising a diverse group of trades, some appointed by the client, others recommended by ourselves. There was a builder, carpenter, plumber, decorator, curtain and carpet fitter – and top of the range kitchen and bathrooms to be installed. Walls to take down or move. Specific health and safety issues to be handled. All to be completed by the day the removal men arrived, with minimal disturbance to neighbours.

Whatever the size of the project, the principles are always the same. It’s all about advance preparation. A clear brief to the trades involved and a readiness to exert a little pressure now and then to ensure things stay on track.