Property care

Do you have an unoccupied property? Perhaps you spend some of your time abroad, or you’re about to be posted overseas for a work assignment? It may be that you’ve put the property up for sale, or that you’re going to be away but don’t want to let it out?

Empty properties soon look tired and unloved. Dust accumulates, flies, woodlice and wasps quickly multiply – making the home unsightly and unappealing, whether for prospective buyers or when you return. To have Tailormade Relocation keep an eye on the property in the UK while it is empty will give you peace of mind.

To make sure your property continues to look its best, Tailormade Relocation will:

  • visit regularly to air the property
  • dust and clear any flies etc
  • dispose of accumulated junk mail
  • re-direct mail
  • tidy rubbish that may have accumulated in the garden
  • alert you to any potential problems
  • oversee required emergency repairs
  • provide regular reports.

If property care is what you need then please
do get in touch.