• “Dear Sara,
    This is to let you know how much I valued your assistance before, during and after my recent move from Bathford to Bradford on Avon.
    The word assistance perhaps does not do your work justice as it proved to be a real and harmonious partnership. Your planning was meticulous and nothing was overlooked. The speed at which you worked was remarkable.
    As I had not moved house on my own before without the benefit of help from others, I was not really aware of the complexity of the exercise. Your checklist  was comprehensive and made it all so much easier as was the timing. of each phase.
    I was particularly impressed with the way in which you assembled and catalogued the items that were to be sent to auction and identifying the precise location in the new home of  the chattels that were eventually to arrive from storage.
    I thought you handled BT and other suppliers with aplomb – this was a job that I had not expected you to do – and your relations with other parties involved with the move clearly showed the benefit of experience.
    Above all, you made the whole operation bearable, which I hope you will take as a great compliment, for prior to it all beginning, I was dreading every moment. You really kept my spirits up and that I felt at ease in my new home almost from the day my belongings arrived is due very largely to your practical planning and creativity.
    I would strongly recommend you to anyone seeking advice and support  on moving home.  All good wishes,  Tim Garland


  • “After a life with 24 house/country moves and an amalgamation of two households, I found that we were too old to face our move without help.  With 3 daughters abroad it was daunting until we heard about Sara and Jo.  Thank heaven! They organised everything from a last minute change of location to clearing us out as the new owners arrived early – they made tea, provided lunch, organised the packing and unpacked and then had a 3 hours journey home – incredible.  Many, many thanks to Tailormade.” Richard & June Storey, Sunnyhill, Ascot
  • “Dear Sara, thank you so much for all you help with my move from Bath to London.  I know how grateful my family were to have you with them, quietly and calmly restoring order to my new home.  Thank you again from all of us and all good wishes for you and Tailormade Relocation.” Bertha Roake, London
  • “Dear Jo, Excuse my brevity, my fingers don’t work very well. I’m most grateful for all your help with my mission impossible.” Pat Cumming, Bristol
  • “Thanks again Sara – we couldn’t have managed without you. We’re almost straight and loving it.  It feels like being on holiday.  Come and see us, we would love to see you.”  Doreen & Eric Bull-Dandy, Trowbridge
  • “It has been a pleasure to work with you. It was a relief to know that the arrangements for the move were in safe hands and would be efficiently dealt with. I was able to go, knowing that you would leave the house in a fine state for the new owners. Your cheerfulness throughout was much appreciated. My son and daughter join me in thanking you for taking a lot of weight off our shoulders through a challenging time. Your local knowledge and contacts are invaluable and we would warmly recommend your services. Bless you for all you have done” Jean Maitland, St Albans
  • Dear Sara “Let me like Pope, the poet’s mount ascend, you were my guide, philosopher and friend.  And, in removal’s bog about to sink, delivered me from doom, despair and drink.”  Richard Wilding, Avonpark, Limpley Stoke, Bath
  • “Dear Sara, When I read other testimonials I see how small and simple my move was in comparison – just a 2-bed flat a short distance to another 2-bed flat. However when it loomed, it didn’t seem either small or simple to me, but quite overwhelming. And it all happened, with the minimum of fuss, plenty of tea and coffee and your generous and cheerful help. I join with all your other grateful clients in saying I  couldn’t have done it without you.  Best wishes” Sheila Metcalf, Bath
  • It is not easy, when you are over 80, to contemplate a house move from a home where you have lived for 21 years, in fact it is positively frightening.  However, when our son discovered Tailormade Relocation and we met Sara and Jo we knew that we were going to be  into safe hands to guide us through the move.  They know all the ropes, found a reliable removal company who gave us a very reasonable quotation. Sara and Jo worked in close liaison with the removal team, personally unpacked the essentials, provided refreshments for everyone on removal day and made up our beds for the night at our new house.  Tailormade Relocation help with advice and hands-on assistance in all aspects of dismantling your old home and settling in at your new one.   We feel that their brisk attention to our needs gave us good value for money and have had a stress-free relocation experience.”  John & Barbara Howdle, Bath
  • “I cannot tell you the difference it made having you here to help me over this stressful time.  All the organisation of cupboards, drawers and furniture that you did is working out very well and I am trying to keep it as neat and tidy as you left it!  Seriously, Sara, I would have really struggled without your help and we have sung your praises to our various friends – to my mind everyone should employ you!!” Wendy Ladd, Holt, Wiltshire
  • “TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER OR SAILOR?  Based on our recent experience we would pick the TAILORS for their expertise in tying all the threads of moving home together into one complete and understandable programme, and then running it for you in such a smooth way as to have it all sewn up before you can say ‘It’s Moving Day’!  No loose threads – no needling – just good old-fashioned stitching it all together to help you forget the stresses and strains.  We doubt if any other Jo-Sara team are a patch on them! And they never leave any holes and just keep on pressing the right buttons.   TAILORmade Relocation are the one to pin your hopes on  …….. We really valued their help.“  Hugh & Amanda Campbell, Avonpark, Limpley Stoke, Bath
  • “Dear Sara, Thank you very much for all your hard work over the last few months. I thought our move went extremely smoothly, helped in large part by the efficiency and experience of Tailormade Relocation.  All the various trades that you introduced, builder, plumber, carpet-fitter, electrician, movers etc. were also right up to the mark and played their part in a successful move.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Tailormade Relocation to other people.”  Elise & John Hardwick, Avonpark, Limpley Stoke, Bath
  • “Just to say I’m popping a cheque in the post today, for all the support, hard work and organisation you’ve given  me – worth every penny!  Moving is, as is often quoted, one of the most stressful times in one’s life, but made so much easier when I have you at Tailormade Relocation to sort out all the many problems that arise during the process – not the least in battling with the various anonymous utilities, finding such an excellent removal firm and undertaking the transport of my beloved cats from Bradford on Avon to York.  I could not have managed any of this without your help and symapthetic support.” Linda Jennings, York
  • “My wife and I have moved house a good many times and never previously felt the need for outside assistance or a project manager. But given increasing age and the particular circumstances of our recent move, which was preceded by building works, we were attracted to Tailormade Relocation’s prospectus, not least their emphasis on being flexible about the type and amount of work required. Our relationship with them over several months has been all that we hoped for. We were looked after mainly by Jo Day for whom nothing was too much trouble and who shouldered most of the burden of dealing with contractors in a complicated environment. She kept us informed on a daily basis, consulted us whenever necessary, and contributed many helpful ideas. And during the move itself she and Sara Milward-Oliver provided invaluable physical and emotional support. All was done with patience and good humour, and it’s not going too far to say we now doubt if we could have managed without Jo.  Certainly the sress factor would have been far, far higher.“  David and Sarah Machin July 2013  Avonpark, Limpley Stoke, Bath
  • “I would recommend your services to anyone” Royston Pearce, Avonpark, Limpley Stoke, Bath
  • “Thank you for all your help and support. It went on so long that the move came when I was due to be on holiday. You organised it all, the packing up in Bradford on Avon and the unpacking at my new flat in Southampton. I arrived back from holiday to find everything in place, my bed made up, kitchen cupboards full and  a lovely flower arrangement.  I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you Sara”  Kathleen Eke, Southampton
  • “Dear Sara and Jo, ……. the work you all put in to clearing the barn was evidently excellent as well as all the hard work that went into helping me to clear the rest of the house ready for my move back to Scotland…. I couldn’t have done it all without you” Jean Greenland, Atworth & Scotland
  • ”We could not have managed moving my Mother without the incredible service given by Tailormade Relocation. The patience and kindness shown by Jo was remarkable, despite some of the hurdles encountered, she just kept smiling. Thank you Tailormade Relocation, we would heartily recommend you!” N Greenland, Plymouth
  • “I have to write to express my thanks and satisfaction with the help you gave me during the stressful days leading up to my move. Your practical advice prior to the actual move, organisation of the transfer of utilities, helping to organise the packing, and your remarkably thorough cleaning of the house immediately prior to my leaving it, made the whole process much easier for me than otherwise would have been the case;  Consequently I feel the cost was money very well spent, and I should certainly not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.“ Martin Carr, Bath
  • “How do you move from Bath to Bristol when you live in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, AUSTRALIA? That was our dilemma before we met Tailormade Relocation. As soon as we realised that Sara is a “list person”, we knew we would be OK in her hands – and we were. Apart from that one meeting, we did everything remotely and trusted Sara completely. We sent her a floor plan indicating where everything should go and a list of what had to go to Bristol and what needed to be disposed of and she liaised with everyone to make it happen. At the time of the move we were having dinner at home, in Australia, with friends from Melbourne, when my husband announced that we were at that moment moving house. “How so?” Our friends asked.Tailormade Relocation was the answerThank you Sara, you have been such a help. On our next trip to England, we know that our beautifully furnished new flat will be ready and waiting for us.” Ann & Ian Spight, Australia
  • “When we decided to move we were faced with 20 years of junk in every corner and crevice of our 7/8 bedroom house – and we were moving into a 4 bedroom house with a much smaller garden. Three of our five children had flown the nest, but they still left an amazing amount of debris. A daunting prospect, not just logistically but also emotionally. We needed a cool head and careful planning. Tailormade Relocation were perfect. From the initial visit we felt confident. Help and advice about off-loading furniture and stuff surplus to requirements was invaluable. The checklist of what needed to be done was a godsend. There are a lot of little things you might easily forget, and then panic about on the day of the move. The removal firm had been recommended by Sara, and she had clearly worked with them before. All was thought through. Moving is hard work at the best of times. When you have children to think about as well, to have someone who checks all the bits and pieces are looked after is fantastic. Well worth the modest fee!” Peter & Robbie Dixon, Bath
  • “….you took a great weight off our shoulders during a difficult time of helping an elderly family member find a house. Your sensitivity and attention to detail was much appreciated.”  Mr O, London
  •  “To move house resembles much that occurred in the sinking of the Titanic. There are hazards ahead, which are obvious to everyone, but much worse, there are dangers hidden out of sight which impose continuous horror. They can be brought under control by inviting help from Tailormade Relocation, who know how to organize plain sailing, even when troubles are hidden.” Mr & Mrs Johns, Bradford on Avon.
  • “When I had to move from my home of 24 years I was momentarily panic stricken – I didn’t know where to start. Enter Tailormade Relocation and Sara came to see me. By the time she left I felt confident this move could take place without too many nervous breakdowns! The important thing was having someone on the end of a phone willing to listen to my problems and panics and keep me calm. It was just great to know that there is someone in the background giving you total support. Nothing was too much trouble. We had lots of laughs – it was ALMOST fun! I think it is a ‘must’ that you have them to help you move – essential in fact if you wish to keep your sanity!” Anna Morton, Bradford on Avon
  • “The two days you spent helping me to sort out and dispose of the 25 years of accumulated clutter in my house was invaluable. Your friendliness and practical approach made it so much easier to make decisions.”  Isobel Clarke, Cranbrook, Kent
  • “I was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness you showed in tackling, what I thought, was a massive undertaking. I am very grateful for the support you gave me personally, it really made a great difference. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone.” Anthony Horstman, Bath
  • “I could not possibly have moved without your help. You were always so competent and relaxed and cheerful. The removal day, which I dreaded, went like a dream. Where you get your energy from I will never know. I know my family will be in touch to add their relief that I was in such good hands.” Marion Vaughan, Emsworth, Hants
  • “I would like to add how grateful I was that you bore the burden of my move.  You made it virtually stress free. I sat back and read a book at times! You supervised and provided endless cups of tea for the men, a delicious lunch for us and, when completed, a welcome bottle of bubbly, an extra brilliant touch. Finally, you ensured I slept comfortably in my bed that night and that the sitting room was presentable for my visitors the next day. Many, many thanks Sara.“ Janet Repton, Bradford on Avon
  • Thank you for your physical and moral support prior to, and during, my recent move.  Help with the paperwork and tedious telephone calls all made the difficult change of home much easier, and your calming presence on the end of the phone line dealt effectively with client wobbles! And the help with the unpacking too was very much appreciated.” Kin Hall, Avonpark, Limpley Stoke, Bath